Next interview: Branko Milutinović, Nordeus

04. 04. 2013 § Leave a comment

Rejoice, friends! I’m off to Belgrade later today to mentor at  Seedcamp Belgrade. Also – more pertinent to this project – I’m having coffee tomorrow morning with Branko Milutinović, the founder and CEO of Nordeus.

LWS 0048

Branko (on the right) proudly holding one of Nordeus’ numerous awards at the London Web Summit in 2013.

Many of you know what Nordeus is. For those who do not – Nordeus is a completely incredible and awesome gaming startup out of Belgrade, Serbia, with 80+ talented people producing “Top Eleven, the most played online sports game in the world, with more than 9 million monthly and 3 million daily users on Web, Android and iOS devices.” (as explained on the web site).

Football fans will certainly take note of the fact that, as of a few days ago, Jose Mourinho is “the new face of Top Eleven.”

Startup pundits, analysts and many others will take note of the fact that this juggernaut is bootstrapped. Branko and his cofounders have built it from the ground up, having taken no outside investment. Word on the street is that the company is so profitable it’s more likely to invest than to look for investment.

But anyway – fuck the word on the street. I’ll be talking to Branko in person over coffee at his office. You all have the opportunity to fire away with questions and comments for Branko. C’mon – don’t be shy!

And … of course… spread the good word about the book and the newsletter 🙂 and ask your friends to subscribe!

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