The New Title is Here!

23. 10. 2013 § Leave a comment

Back in August, I asked for your input on a new title for the book.

I got some great ideas and input. Then, a few weeks ago, I turned to a smaller audience with two different versions I had cooked up. This smaller audience – as some of you know – were subscribers to the newsletter I’m putting out, accompanying the process (journey?) of creating this book. So, the subscribers got the small privilege of exclusivity in learning in advance of the two options and having the chance to vote on these.

There will be more exclusive offers and content like this. In my view, the newsletter subscribers are the biggest fans of this project, and I want to thank every one of you out there.

There are currently 138 newsletter subscribers. That’s a small number, but I’m ok with that. A small, dedicated group of fans is a good core audience, and, let’s face it, I’m no JK Rowling or George R. R. Martin 😛 Now … If all of you reading this blog who are not yet subscribed would subscribe *and* tell your friends who might be interested – that would be just great!

Back to the title thing. First of all I want to thank *everyone* who came back with input for your feedback. HUGE THANKS, PEOPLE! Now … I need to call out three people whose suggestions I found to be closest to home: Oliver Holle, Fred Destin and Robin Wauters. THANKS GUYS!

The dilemma I presented through the newsletter was between two title / subtitle combinations.

“Magellan’s Heirs: Conversations With Leaders of the European Startup Revolution”


“The European Startup Revolution: Conversations With Leaders Going for Global Success”

It may not be as apparent from just a blog post what the difference between titles and subtitles was, so I presented this as an online PDF document.

Well, let’s cut to the chase. The new title is “The European Startup Revolution”!

Why this choice? I’ve decided to be more pragmatic than poetic. Firstly, I’d like the stories of the entrepreneurs to go out to a wider audience than those of us who are part of a small, elite, tightly knit European startup community. My hope (and we’ll see how that turns out!) is that people with a general interest in business, entrepreneurship and innovation will find it interesting.

There are many amazing, successful and inspiring leaders in Europe. Obviously, I was able to speak with only a few here. Nevertheless, the mainstream business media, even European media, is so obsessed with American “celeb” CEO’s (with all due respect to those great people, of course) that I wanted to counterbalance that, with what little power I as a writer have, with the stories and conversations in this book. From that perspective, an audience as wide as possible, both in Europe and elsewhere, is important to me. I feel that audience will be somewhat larger if the title of the book is more to the point.

Not to be *too* lofty and academic about it – I’d also like to make at least *some* money!

Now, about the response to my question from the newsletter subscribers. 28 of the 138 came back with answers (a nice percentage btw). The score was 17 : 11 in favor of the title I chose myself. This tells me that most of my core group is in favor of the pragmatic version – but also that there is a significant minority which would prefer the more … let’s say … creative version.

With the flexibility digital and e-book technology offers us … even multiple versions might be possible …. But let’s leave that line of thought for another time 🙂

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